A recent report released by McAfee and the Security and Defense Agenda Think Tank ranked Israel one of the most “secure” countries in the world in terms of cyber defense security.

Despite recent successful hacking attempts on the part of pro-Palestinian hacker groups on Israeli websites, Israel ranked alongside countries such as Finland and Sweden as the most protected.

The report emphasizes the paradox that information security experts repeat over and over: the more a country depends on technology and computers, the more vulnerable it is to attacks. On the other hand, progress in the realm of computer security allows experts to better understand existing threats.

According to Isaac Ben-Israel, senior security advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel sees approximately 1,000 hacking attempts every minute, although it is able to block most of them. And although hacking groups such as Anonymous are able to cause minimal damage, the greatest threats come from “states and major crime organizations.”

Ben-Israel further emphasized the vulnerability of computer security systems, stating that “a cyber-war can inflict the same type of damage as a conventional war,” saying that cyber technology can bring down power and water supplies “without firing a single bullet.”

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