Hamas prisoners in Israeli prisons did not launch a hunger strike on Monday, according to the Israel Prison Service, despite an announcement by Hamas a day earlier that a hunger strike would take place.

The Israel Prison Service said that all prisoners ate the breakfasts that they received on Monday.

Sources involved in Palestinian prisoner affairs, however, told Haaretz on Monday that hunger strike is being held only at the Hadarim prison, and not at all prisons, in order to protest the transfer to solitary confinement of two Hamas officials imprisoned at Hadarim.

The Israel Prison Service said that it had received no intelligence information that a hunger strike was being planned.

On Sunday, Hamas announced that all its members currently sitting in Israeli prisons would launch a hunger strike on Monday, after Israel transferred senior Hamas officials to solitary confinement.

A Hamas spokesman said that the purpose of the hunger strike was to demand the release of Yihyeh Sanwar, who is considered the most senior Hamas official in prison, and his brother Mohammad, who was among those responsible for the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. According to the Hamas spokesman, Sanwar suffers from serious health problems.

According to Hamas, at least six more senior Hamas officials were recently transferred to solitary confinement.

Netanyahu announced last week that Israel plans on toughening the conditions of Palestinian security prisoners, saying that the "celebration is over for terrorists."