Police recommended indicting Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for breach of trust due to suspicions he received classified information from an ongoing investigation against him, Haaretz  learned on Monday.


Police also recommended indicting former ambassador Zeev Ben Aryeh for breach of trust and obstruction of justice, since he is suspected of providing the information to Lieberman.


Police believe that Lieberman was shown classified material from an ongoing police investigation against him over allegations of fraud and embezzlement. Ben Aryeh, Israel's former ambassador to Belarus, is suspected of giving Lieberman the documents - which he received from the Justice Ministry for transfer to the Belarus authorities - as early as October 2008.


At that point, none of Lieberman's associates had been questioned or arrested.

Ben Aryeh received the documents via the Foreign Ministry in the summer of 2008. They contained a request for information from the Belarus authorities regarding the original investigation against Lieberman.

Lieberman did not give an official response to the police's recommendation against him. However the Foreign Minister's aides relayed that Lieberman is not worried by the announcement. "Past records regarding the police's hasty recommendations speak for themselves so there is no reason to get excited about the matter," an aide to Lieberman said.


Yoav Segalovitch, who heads the police investigations and intelligence department, recommended indicting the two men, and decided to transfer the case to the prosecutor's economic crimes department, before the matter will be decided upon by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein.