A senior Israel Police source denied on Saturday that the criminal investigation into the so-called Harpaz affair would be renewed, after a report to that effect was published on the Hebrew-language “News 1” website.

Lt. Col. (res.) Boaz Harpaz is suspected of forging the so-called Galant document, which purportedly sketched out a PR campaign meant to help Major-General Yoav Galant become the IDF’s chief of staff.

The News 1 report was published following a meeting on Thursday between Major-General Yoav Segalovich, head of the police investigations and intelligence division, and State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss.

During the meeting, Segalovitch briefed Lindenstrauss and senior members of his staff on the latest developments in the case. While senior IDF General Staff officers and officials from Defense Minister Ehud Barack’s office were also suspected of improper behavior, Segalovitch related, Harpaz alone was suspected of committing criminal acts.

A senior police source on Saturday criticized the State Comptroller’s Office for breaking its commitment to keep the meeting confidential.

Shlomo Raz, State Comptroller’s Office Spokesman said that his office was investigating the Harpaz affair, and was receiving all necessary evidence from the Chief of Staff’s office and from Defense Minister’s office, including recordings. “Beyond that we cannot relate any details about this sensitive and important investigation, so as not to disrupt the work of overseeing this issue,” he said.

Linderstrauss is authorized to transfer any criminal findings from the case to the state prosecutor’s office. The latter will then decide whether or not to order Segalovic to open – or renew – a criminal investigation. The findings have yet to be transferred at this point.