The finalists for the Best Full-Length Documentary prize to be presented by the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum were announced over the weekend.

"The Law in These Parts," directed by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, "5 Broken Cameras," by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, "Good Garbage," by Ada Ushpiz and Shosh Shlam, "Dolphin Boy," by Dani Mankin and Yonatan Nir, and "Chronicles of a Crisis," by Amos Kollek are the five nominees.

The Israeli Documentary Film Competition aims to give recognition and expression to the film professionals working in this genre. Prizes in this year's competition will total NIS 1 million, and will be awarded in seven categories: Full-length documentary, documentary film, television documentary, debut film, student film, free documentation and documentary reporting.

The winners will be chosen by the forum's more than 450 members, and the prizes will be awarded at a ceremony in Be'er Sheva at the end of November.

Nominees for the best documentary film (up to 60 minutes ) include "The Seven Tapes," "Pursued," "The Invisible Men," "Luxuries," and "Seekers."

"This year, more than ever, we understand the importance of documentary filmmaking here as a special, free and critical voice, given the increasing threat to pluralism and the reduction of outlets for expression in the Israeli media," said Uri Rosenwaks, chairman of the documentary filmmakers forum.

"This is a tool of expression that everyone who fears for our country's cultural and political character - whether from the left or the right - as a free and democratic state must work to preserve and develop," he said.