Diplomats from the Israeli embassy in Cairo met on Tuesday with Ilan Grapel, the Jewish American citizen detained in Egypt under suspicion of espionage for Israel.

The diplomats also met with officials from Egypt's public prosecutor, in order to get more information on the status of Grapel's detainment.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said that Grapel is in good condition and that Israel will continue to work for his immediate release.

Grapel met with diplomats from the United States embassy on Monday.

The Egyptian authorities announced on Sunday that they had arrested a suspected spy for Israel. Egyptian media published Grapel's name and identity on Monday.

Egyptian daily al-Ahram reported on Tuesday that Grapel planned to get from Egypt to a rebel hub in Eastern Libya.

The Egyptian paper reported that the Egyptian prosecution is claiming that Grapel met with a group of people, some of whom were European, in southern Egypt before traveling to Cairo on the day of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's resignation.

A former paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces with dual American-Israeli citizenship, Grapel reportedly travelled to several parts of Egypt, and was given the task of gauging the public's reaction to the policies of the Egyptian high military council.

Grapel's parents and friends have slammed reports, calling them "bogus" and denying that he had any connection to Israel's Mossad.