A serious accident involving the projectiles used for the Israel Defense Forces Iron Dome missile defense system was averted earlier this week, Army Radio reported on Thursday.

According to a military probe, dozens of the Iron Dome's Tamir-class intercepting missiles fell off of a military transportation vehicle, in the proximity of several soldiers and officers.

The incident reportedly occurred after IDF maintenance soldiers failed to secure the projectiles properly when they were placed on the military trailer. No one was hurt following the accident, despite the heavy charge of explosive each projectile bears.

Some of the missiles were damaged from the two-meter drop, with estimated damages which could reach hundreds of thousands of NIS. Officials from both the military and Rafael – the firm which manufactures the missiles – will determines if the projectiles were still usable.

Following the incident, Israel Air Force chief Ido Nehushtan ordered the cessation of all maintenance activity in the Israeli Air Defense Command, as well as the formation of a panel to probe the accident.