Iran and Syria are united against the internationally-backed enemies of Palestine, Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi said during a visit to Damascus on Thursday, adding that the Palestinians will never give up their legitimate rights.

Rahimi made the comments, according to Iran's state news agency IRNA, during a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Farouk al-Shara, saying the "full support" that was "extended by Iran and Syria to the Palestinian people has turned it into a global issue."

"Enemies of Palestine who are supported by international criminals do not intend to surrender and the Palestinian nation through its heroic struggles throughout history has proven that it will never give up its legitimate rights," Rahimi said.

The Iranian VP added that "backing the cause of Palestine and world oppressed nations is among Iran's priorities," saying that both "Iran and Syria should exercise vigilance and never let minor issues divert them from their lofty goals."

In the meeting between the two vice presidents, according to IRNA, Rahimi also reiterated the importance Tehran sees in maintaining its ties with Syria, saying "friendly ties between Iran and Syria and other countries in the region will disappoint arrogant powers."

"The two sides should help uphold the current level of economic relations in line with their political ties," the Iran VP said, adding that the "existing relationship between the two sides' presidents is very strong and profound."

Rahimi also stressed what he called the need to expand on those ties, saying that there was "no barrier to expansion of relations between the two countries and two sides should step up efforts to attain their goals."

"Grounds for expansion of all-out relations between the two countries are well-prepared, Rahimi said according to the IRNA report.

Al-Shara, for his part, said political ties between Tehran and Damascus were at their highest level, expressing hope that the two nations would further expand economic cooperation.

"In today's world, politics is not separated from economy," al-Shara said, adding that talks between the two sides' high ranking officials should demonstrate a promising future.