India will launch a radar-imaging espionage satellite made by Israel next week, according to Indian news sources.

The launch is a new phase in the alliance between Israel Aerospace Industries and New Delhi.

The satellite is a PSLV C12 remote-sensing model. The satellite can take images of the earth day and night and under all weather conditions, which is useful for India in protecting its borders.

The satellite can send images to a ground station through cloud cover or at night, using radar technology.

India had been especially keen to constantly monitor its borders since the deadly bomb attacks in Mumbai last year.

The satellite weighs 300 kilograms. The date for its launch, from Sriharikota, was put off to April 20 from early in the month.

In January 2008, Israel Aerospace Industries used an Indian rocket to launch an Israeli imaging satellite, which impressed the Indians, leading to the alliance. The Indian defense industry is meanwhile developing a satellite, weighing 1,200 kilograms.