A major surprise military training exercise was carried out by the Israel Defense Forces in the north on Wednesday, simulating an escalation of the situation in the Golan Heights, which borders Syria. The scenario that was rehearsed in the exercise simulated a situation in which the IDF would be required to respond with force on the Syrian front following a sudden deterioration in the situation in Syria.

It can be reasonably assumed that such a scenario would be part of the IDF's operational planning in the event that chemical weapons or other advance weaponry were transferred from Syria to Lebanon if the regime of President Bashar Assad were to fall. The exercise was planned in advance and did not result in an increased level of alert on the part of IDF forces.

The IDF noted that that Israel has not up to this point discerned any unusual conduct on the part of Syrian forces on the other side of the border fence. In addition, foreign forces were informed of the drill in the north to head off any unnecessary concern.