Iron Dome unit operators are working on upgrading their anti-missile systems to enable interception of rockets with a longer range than 40 kilometers, which could threaten central Israeli cities.

The Israel Air Force, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the Defense Ministry's Administration for the
Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure are currently upgrading the Iron Dome's capabilities, so that it can intercept more sophisticated and longer-range missiles than are being fired at present.

Col. Zvi Haimovich, commander of the Active Defense Wing of the Air Defense Network, said on Sunday that he "wouldn't be surprised if the challenges we will face during this escalation, or during the next, will include rockets with a range of more the 40 kilometers."

"Every minute that the system is not working, is a minute in which we are not protecting citizens," explained Captain Elad Cinnamon, commander of the "Ido" Iron Dome battery in Ashdod.

"It's no secret that the enemy is trying to shoot farther, and we know the enemy is learning about us, in the same way that Iron Dome exists because we learned about the enemy," said Cinnamon.

"Ultimately, we look at the interception, and this should be a success," he added

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Iron Dome battery in Ashdod. Netanyahu told the soldiers that his directive is to strike the terror organizations and anyone who tries to harm Israel.

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