The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem on Sunday released a video showing an Israel Defense Forces soldier shooting a Palestinian youth with a rubber bullet at short range, his arms and legs bound by a high-ranking Border Police officer.

According to B'Tselem, the shooting was witnessed by several other soldiers and officers, including the lieutenant colonel who bound the teen's limbs. The organization allegedly demanded an investigation be opened into his role and that the soldier who fired the gun "be brought to justice."

The incident occurred on July 7, in the West Bank village of Na'alin, B'Tselem said. Palestinians and leftists have increased their protests in recent months against the separation barrier in the town, and the demonstrations have at time culminated in violent clashes.

The video shows two soldiers detaining demonstrator Ashraf Abu-Rahama, 27, and holding him for an hour bound and blindfolded.

Abu-Rahama told B'Tselem that he was beaten by the soldiers and then herded by soldiers and officers to a military jeep.

In the video, a soldier is seen aiming his weapon at the demonstrator's legs from a short range. Abu-Rahama said he received wounds to his left foot and then received first aid treatment by an army medic on the spot before being released.

The video was filmed by a Palestinian girl, 14, from a window in her home in the village.

Major Avital Leibovitz, a military spokeswoman, told dpa that the military advocate general opened an investigation into the incident.

"But there are questions about the edited parts," Leibovitz said, referring to the point where the video stops. The clip then resumes and shows footage of what appears to be a few moments later with Abu Rahama laying on the ground.

B'Tselem's spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli said the girl had accidentally stopped filming when she was startled by the gunshot and continued as soon as she became aware she had pressed the stop button.

As part of its "Shooting Back" project, B'Tselem has distributed about 100 cameras to Palestinians throughout the West Bank over the last year. Of these, several dozen were handed out in the Hebron area, where friction between Palestinians and Israelis is routine.

B'Tselem released a video last month showing the beginning of an apparent assault by masked, stick-wielding Israeli settlers on Palestinian farmers.

The footage shows four people holding sticks approaching the farmers near the settlement of Susya outside Hebron in the West Bank. One strikes a blow before the camera falls.

Israel Police this month arrested two resident of the Susya settlement, one of them a minor, suspected of involvement in the attack.