An Israel Defense Forces soldier has been indicted for allegedly stealing a disc-on-key holding classified documents from the National Security Institute, it emerged on Sunday.

The Southern Command military court last month charged the soldier, who had served in the teleprocessing department, for endangering the security of the state. Some of the documents in question dealt with classified information on Iran.

The soldier is suspected of taking home the disc-on-key, which contained some 600 private documents, during her period of service at the NSI in the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem in 2009.

The soldier claimed that she had taken the disc in order to prove security failures existed at the NSI.

The defendant took the disc-on-key precisely because she discovered that the NSI had been using it to save classified documents – something that is forbidden by the army. She confessed to the act on the same day, when investigators discovered the disc to be missing and approached her.

Her lawyer said that she had not even looked at the documents in her possession.

Earlier this year, another IDF soldier was charged with illegally copying thousands of classified Israel Defense Forces documents and passing them to a Haaretz correspondent.