An Israel Defense Forces analysis of the messages transmitted by Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah to his men during the fighting in Lebanon reveals a slightly different tone from the one he took in three public television interviews in the same period and in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper A-Safir.

A senior officer said Nasrallah took a less bellicose position when engaging in his internal dialogue in his organization, than in his appearances in the Arab media - but he remained aggressive.

Nasrallah's tone is apologetic in his messages and he explains that Israel escalated the confrontation by striking deep inside Lebanon after the soldiers were abducted, the officer said.

Nasrallah admits that his organization is having morale problems and says his group will receive support and encouragement.

He adds that not only Hezbollah, but also Israel, has been badly hit.

He also complains frequently that the Arab states have deserted Hezbollah and the Lebanese and are not helping them against Israel.

The army admits that Nasrallah is prepared to continue fighting for a long time and that its military strength has not been broken in a way that will prevent it from carrying out its objectives.

Nasrallah is continuing to function although he is underground.

All the media interviews came at his initiative and his men dictated the terms to the journalists to ensure his safety.

Israel is sparing no effort to try and assassinate him.

Hezbollah is believed to be planning additional surprises, as Nasrallah said, and these could include detonating a drone carrying explosives over Israel or firing Iranian Zilzal rockets at Tel Aviv.

It is possible that Nasrallah will want to send such a missile as a last move before a cease-fire is set in motion, in order to serve as a deterrent in future rounds of fighting with Israel, the officer said.

Since the start of the fighting, the officer added, Hezbollah has suffered two significant hits: The bombing of its rocket alignment particularly the long-range rockets, and the losses of fighters which, after the latest ground battles, are estimated at around 100.

The officer said that, among those killed were senior activists.