Four Al-Aqsa Brigades militants were killed last night in an Israel Defense Forces strike in the West Bank town of Nablus.

Two senior commanders of the Fatah military wing in the city were killed after two missiles were launched at a white vehicle in the center of the town, Palestinian sources said.

The vehicle was completely destroyed and its four passengers killed. Three bystanders were lightly injured. The four were later identified as senior operatives Nadar Abu-Lil and Hashem Abu-Hamdan, as well as two other militants, Na'al Hasnin and Muhammad Abu-Hamdan.

Israeli sources said the operatives were responsible for sending children carrying explosive devices to Hawara roadblock, and had attempted to send suicide bombers to Jerusalem during Passover, Purim and Independence Day.

Earlier yesterday, an Israeli helicopter launched three missiles at a 14-storey building in the middle of Gaza City. Two Palestinians suffered light injuries in the strike on a building that housed the offices for a radio station affiliated with Hamas and offices of the Palestinian newspaper Al Ayyam and Al Quds.

Palestinian sources told Haaretz that a Hamas official was being interviewed at the station when the missiles struck. The IDF said the army attacked a Hamas radio station that had been broadcasting incitement.

Army Radio quoted a Hamas official as saying in response that "[Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon cannot harm our leaders, so he chooses instead [to strike at] institutions and media outlets."

Part of the building's roof collapsed as screaming women stood on the balconies. People ran in panic through the streets after the attack on the building of apartments and businesses in the upscale Rimal neighborhood.

Earlier yesterday, security personnel at the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip found an explosive belt hidden in a Palestinian truck attempting to leave the Strip and on its way to the West Bank.

Karni crossing was reopened yesterday morning. Last week security staff found an explosive belt in a container of textiles bound for the West Bank.

Police last week detained the driver, a resident of Rahat in the Negev. The driver of the truck in yesterday's incident was also held for questioning, and is a close relative of the man detained last week.