The IDF recently conducted its own opinion poll to find out what Israelis think about the disengagement plan.

Soldiers doing compulsory service telephoned 500 people and asked questions such as: Who should evacuate settlements - the army or the police? Will the disengagement help or harm Israel's security? Will it reduce motivation to do reserve duty or volunteer for combat units? What do they think of soldiers refusing to evacuate settlements?

The survey also included more general questions, such as whether people feel more or less safe than they did a year ago; whether they believe that Israeli society is strong; whether they trust senior army officers; and whether they support cuts in the defense budget.

The survey was financed out of the defense budget, but Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said that he neither knew about it or approved it.

Former senior officers were outraged by the poll, saying it is wrong to use the army's money to sound out public opinion on a controversial political issue - particularly as this allows the IDF to influence the controversy by choosing whether to release or bury the results.