The chief rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces, Rafi Peretz, last week visited Yeshiva University's Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in New York, where he held a special meeting with former IDF soldiers currently enrolled at the Modern Orthodox institution.

"As former IDF soldiers, it means so much to us that Israel's chief military rabbi would make time to speak with us," said Daniel Green, an undergraduate student enrolled at Yeshiva College and president of the student-run Soldiers in Exile club.

Other club members who met Peretz include Daniel Benchimol, Josh Seagal, Josh Tresser, Moshe Genet, Jack Sztrigler, Aryeh Genet, Daniel Landesman, Andy Eagle and Jeremy Kugelman.

The rabbinical school's dean, Rabbi Yona Reiss, praised Peretz as "an impressive individual, a model soldier and a world-class Torah scholar." Said Reiss, "From the moment he took office, Rabbi Peretz - one of the IDF's first religious pilots - made it his mission to instill Jewish pride in his soldiers and the nation of Israel as a whole."