Hila Betzaleli, an IDF second lieutenant killed in a lighting rig accident on Mount Herzl on Wednesday, was buried in the cemetery there hours later, not far from where she was killed.

Betzaleli, 20, of Mevasseret Zion, was to take part in Mount Herzl's Independence Day ceremony. A rehearsal was taking place when the rig collapsed and she was struck.

Her mother, Sigalit, administrative director at Mount Herzl, got to the scene seconds later.

"I realized that if Hila wasn't taking care of the injured people, she's the one who was killed," her mother said. "If my Hila isn't giving resuscitation, she is being resuscitated." Five people were injured in the accident.

Hila's younger brother Tzach said: "She was only 20. Because some worker didn't screw a bolt properly she lost her life."

He said he learned of the tragedy when he was home "watching movies about the Holocaust, and then there was a knock on the door and my mother came in with some people and they told me. People always say it won't happen to me and it happened. Out of 300 soldiers, she had to go."

Maj. Gen. Orna Barbivai, chief of IDF Manpower, visited the accident site, saying, "Nobody expected such a disaster here on Mount Herzl."

Betzaleli, who served in the IDF West Bank Division, is survived by her parents and three brothers.