Hundreds attended to funeral yesterday in Ashkelon of resident Moshe Ami, 56, who was killed Saturday evening in a Grad missile attack on the city. Ami, who was divorced, is survived by four children and by his domestic partner, Ella Kostin. Ami was injured in the abdomen by missile fragments while driving, and arrived at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon in moderate condition. His condition rapidly deterioriated despite efforts to stabilize him, however, and he died later Saturday evening.

The Jewish Agency announced yesterday that it has established a fund to help the Ami family and other victims of the recent rocket attacks. The fund is to provide up to NIS 4,000 in immediate assistance to them.

In her eulogy of Ami, his sister Zehava noted that another brother of hers had been killed while serving as a soldier in Lebanon. Their father died six years ago. "We have lost a son, a grandfather, an uncle - a dear beloved brother and a friend," she said. "We refuse to believe [it]. Not again. We have already mourned a dear brother who died in Lebanon. And now again another brother has died at the hands of murderers."

Referring to Ami's mother, Ashkelon Mayor Benny Vaknin asked the mourners: "How can one console such a wonderful woman, whose sons have fallen victim on the altar of the homeland? This is a shocking murder."

The mayor called on the government to wage what he called a "bloody war" against terrorists who he said only wish to harm the innocent.