Former U.S. presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee plans to broadcast his weekend show on Fox News from the site of a disputed Israeli construction project in East Jerusalem, a New York politician has told Haaretz.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind said Huckabee will air the talkshow during a solidarity visit to the site of the project, which is in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Hikind, who is active in right-wing Jewish causes, told Haaretz that dozens of U.S. activists will participate in the mission, in order to express their support for the project and the man behind it, Irving Moskowitz.

A Fox News Channel spokesperson told Haaretz that this report was inaccurate, and that Huckabee was not planning to broadcast a show from Israel.

Israeli media outlets reported Sunday that the United States is demanding a halt to the residential project. Later in the day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had been surprised by the U.S. demand and that he refused to "cave in" on the matter.

Moskowitz, an influential supporter of Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem, purchased the Shepherd Hotel in 1985 and plans to tear it down and build housing units in its place.

The hotel is located near a government compound that includes several government ministries and the national police headquarters.