Israel's market for perfume is noteworthy for being fiercely competitive. Special deals are usually available year-round, not only before holidays. The special sales reach fever-pitch ahead of Passover and Rosh Hashana and drugstores usually report lively customer traffic, with a 40% increase in sales. However, Israelis flying abroad for the holiday tend to prefer to buy fragrances at the duty-free, not try their luck at their destination, be it Europe or the United States.

Lady Million fragrance by Paco Rabanne was launched ahead of Rosh Hashana last year, in August 2010. Within months it had captured the top of the ladies' perfumes sales lists. It sells for about NIS 250 per bottle most of the year, instead of the list price, which is NIS 460. The figure on the right therefore shows that usual price, NIS 250.