Kikkoman, a Japanese company that has been around for over 300 years, has factories in countries around the world including the United States, Holland and China. It has annual revenues of close to $4 billion, 20% of them from soy sauce sales. In Israel, it has a large share of the market and is one of the main players, alongside Osem-Nestle. A bottle of Kikkoman costs 93% more than a comparable bottle from Osem, which costs NIS 12.4.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce costs twice as much as it does in New York and 35% more than in Britain. The differences in minimum wage exacerbate the difference: While Israelis earn NIS 22 an hour, New Yorkers get the equivalent of NIS 27.5 and Britons get NIS 36. Israelis need to work half an hour more than their overseas peers for the name-brand soy sauce.

KIKKOMAN STATED: "Kikkoman is a Japanese soy sauce created through natural, careful processes that take several months. The price is affected by various parameters: Suiting the packaging to the Israeli market, different VAT rates in different countries, high transportation fees and handling costs. The final price is set by the retailer."