Absolut vodka is one of the world's most popular vodka brands. The company, founded in Sweden in 1879, broke into the U.S. market in 1979 with an advertising campaign placing the vodka bottle in various settings. Since then, it has found worldwide success.

The company turned its bottle into a cultural icon with more colorful ads based on its form, collaborating with artists and designers including Andy Warhol, Keith Herring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It halted the campaign in 2007, when it switched to a new slogan.

A year later, the brand was purchased by French company Pernod Ricard for $9 billion. Over the years, it has come out with a variety of flavored vodkas, and now offers 10 different tastes, including mandarin, hot pepper, vanilla and peach.

In Israel, the vodka is available for prices similar to those found around the world, if not for cheaper in some cases.

Absolut vodka is sold in New York for close to the price in Israel, and in Britain for 28% less. However, after factoring in the minimum wage in the three countries, the picture looks very different: Israelis earn NIS 22 per hour, while New Yorkers receive the equivalent of NIS 28 and Britons NIS 36 for an hour’s work. Israelis who want name-brand vodka need to work an hour more than their peers in the United States and Britain.