Hotel owners in the Western Galilee said on Saturday that they have a record-breaking amount of guests after a cease-fire with Lebanon has restored the calm to the north.

According to an Israel Radio report, Israeli vacationers are flocking to the north and have filled rooms for the first weekend since the cease-fire went into effect.

One of the hotel owners was quoted as saying the vacationers are voting with their feet and it is actually impossible at the moment to find a room in the Western Galilee.

The hotel owners are part of a large contingent of businesses in the north that rely on tourism, particularly Israeli tourists who are currently on summer vacation.

Hezbollah rocket fire had brought businesses in the north to a grinding halt, as residents of the north were called to stay indoors and were unable to go to work.

In addition, the tourism industry suffered damages due to the fact that the summer is a peak time for Israeli tourists, and there were many cancellations due to the rocket barrages.