On Monday, public hospitals will be operating at reduced capacity as part of the planned general strike, with nurses, administrative and custodial staff striking at government-run hospitals and those run by the Clalit health maintenance organization.

School nurses and public health nurses will also be on strike, and the Health Ministry's district offices will be operating in emergency situations only.

The hospitals will be staffed by doctors and contract workers. The Israel Medical Association is not taking part in the strike.

But although outpatient clinics will be open, non-essential surgeries will be postponed because the nurses are striking.

Local Clalit health clinics will be open, with some nurses working.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court heard a complaint filed by the workers' committees at six hospitals against the IMA, which, they said, did not adequately represent them. The workers' committees are seeking to invalidate the agreement reached between the medical association and the treasury in August.

Michael Spitzer, president of the labor court, ruled that there was no need for the proceeding to be fast-tracked. He set a hearing date for January 23 after determining that the court can deal with the complaint while the High Court of Justice is hearing a separate petition filed by medical residents who are demanding to be allowed to resign, despite the labor court's injunctions preventing them from doing so.