The owners of a menswear shop in India called Hitler has decided to change its name, following protests from the Jewish community and pressure from government agencies.

The shop opened in the city of Ahmedabad, in the western Gujarat state last month. Its sign featured the word "Hitler" in bold letters; the letter "i" was dotted with a Nazi swastika.

"There were protests by the local Jewish community and pressure from local officials, so me and my business partner decided to drop the name," owner Rajesh Shah said in a telephone interview. "The issue has led to a lot of hue and cry and trouble for us. We will come up with a new name and bring down the signboard within two days."

Israeli Consul General Orna Sagiv in Mumbai, who visited Gujarat, had asked state officials to intervene, to convince the owners to change the store's name, the Times of India newspaper reported.

Shah earlier had said he did not know who Adolf Hitler was, and that the shop was named after his partner's grandfather, who was nicknamed "Hitler" because of his strictness.