A 14-year-old Palestinian was shot dead by Israel Defense Forces in Hebron as the violence spilled over into the West Bank on Sunday in the wake of the escalating clashes between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Three IDF soldiers and an Israeli civilian were lightly wounded over the course of the day, as Palestinians throughout the West Bank protested violently against the ensuing IDF operations.

The clashes began when several hundred Palestinian youths threw stones and at an Israeli checkpoint in Hebron's city center. According to Israel Radio, the youths also threw explosive devices at Israeli cars.

Fourteen-year-old Mahmoud Musalameh was shot in the chest, said Dr. Mohammed al-Zaru, from the Alia hospital in Hebron. The teen was apparently hit after cutting through the separation fence. Three other Palestinian youths were moderately injured in the clashes.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded in his hand Sunday afternoon, when Palestinians hurled rocks at him near the Qalandiya checkpoint.

Another soldier sustained facial wounds from a rock thrown at him near the West Bank city of Hebron.

Earlier Sunday afternoon, an IDF officer was also lightly hurt in a stone-throwing incident near the settlement of Tekoa.

An Israeli civilian was also hurt on Sunday, when Palestinians threw rocks at her car near the Hawara checkpoint.

The Home Front Command has ordered its units to raise alert over concern that Palestinians may try to carry out attacks on Israeli civilians in retaliation.

The IDF is repeating its warning to Israeli citizens not to enter the Palestinian zone Area A of the West Bank.

Magen David Adom emergency services have raised their alertness in Jerusalem to stage B, one stage below the highest, and have doubled their manpower in fear that the situation in and around Jerusalem could get worse.

Protests against Gaza violence erupt across W. Bank

IDF troops on Sunday evening arrested four Palestinians suspected of throwing rocks at cars near Hebron

Violent protests erupted throughout the day on Sunday, in West Bank communities around Jerusalem, as Palestinians in Atarot, Har Adar and Qalandia began throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at IDF troops in the region.

Schools and shops across the West Bank shut down on Sunday to protest the Gaza violence, and spontaneous demonstrations took place throughout the territory at traditional flashpoints between Israeli troops and Palestinian youths, like checkpoints, watchtowers and patrol routes.

Later in Hebron, about 2,000 angry Hamas supporters marched through the city streets, waving copies of the Quran and green Hamas flags. "Revenge. Revenge. Retaliate in Tel Aviv," the crowd chanted.

The protest was uninterrupted by Palestinian security forces, who have previously violently broke up Hamas rallies in Hebron.

Some accused Abbas of being an Israeli agent, and protesters threw stones and cars, burned tires and forced shopkeepers to close their stores.

In Ramallah, home to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' government, thousands of schoolchildren demonstrated against Israel.

The attacks, which Israel says are in response to Palestinian rocket attacks, have caused fury in the Arab street, with demonstrations Saturday in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.