Sheikh Ra’ad Salah, leader of the northern wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, is planning to sue the British government for detaining and ordering him deported in June, his lawyers announced Wednesday.

Moreover, Salah’s lawyers said that he will not leave the country until the court “discloses the internal reasons that pushed for the adoption of this procedure” against him.

Salah, who has been out on bail since July 18, is due back in court to appeal his deportation order next month. He has previously stressed that he wants to clear his name and “prove to the world” that the allegations against him were unfounded.

Raza Husain, a lawyer for Salah, argued that the Sheikh had been "confined without lawful authority" and his damages claim was "essentially one for false imprisonment".

Salah was arrested June 29 in London after spending several days in the country lecturing before Britain's Arab and Muslim communities. The sheikh had been invited to Britain by a Palestinian research institute for a series of lectures.

Salah also was scheduled to meet with British parliamentarians.

British authorities said Salah was arrested after he violated a ban on his entry into Britain issued against him for incitement and endangering national security.

Britain's ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, told the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee that the warrant against Salah's entry into Britain was issued several hours prior to his arrival. Gould said airport authorities in London were not informed of the ban in time to prevent his entry.