Ultra-Orthodox men who volunteer for national civil service will get professional training to help then integrate into the workforce, under a new plan developed by the National Civil Service Administration.

During the first part of their service, the men will be exposed to a variety of professional fields. Afterward, they will start a course to prepare them for college or a vocational training program in a field of their choice, in keeping with manpower needs.

Program staff members will offer individual support.

The program aims to place 1,000 ultra-Orthodox men in jobs around the country. It has a budget of about NIS 11 million, or about NIS 11,000 per participant.

The state will fund half the amount, and the other half is expected to come from contributions. Participants will pay NIS 1,000 each.

The program's target is that 70% of participants find jobs.

The law exempts participants who perform at least a year of national civil service from the draft. The civil service can be in fields including social welfare, public safety and public health.

National Civil Service Authority Director Sar-Shalom Jerbi said the national service program is designed to break the cycle of married yeshiva students not joining the workforce and leaving their families impoverished.