Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmoud Zahar said Tuesday that the six-month Gaza truce with Israel would not be renewed unless Israel lets more food, fuel and other goods into the Gaza Strip.

"Until Friday, we're still committed, but after that, no one can tell," Zahar said in an interview with Bloomberg News at his Gaza home, referring to the truce's December 19 expiration.

"The general mood of all the Palestinian factions is negative."

Zahar also demanded that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the rival Fatah movement, step down when his four-year term expires next month, but added that he doesn't expect him to do so.

"He will be sitting on his chair in Ramallah, but he will not be legal," Zahar said.

Zahar also said he isn't expecting U.S. policy to change under President-elect Barack Obama. "He is 100 percent pro- Israeli and his positions are unacceptable," Zahar said.

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