Google is buying its second Israeli startup: Quiksee, based in Or Yehuda. The deal is estimated at $10 million.

Both Google Israel and Quiksee refused to comment.

Quiksee, also known as MentorWave Technologies, allows users to create location-based interactive media content. Its web-based content, the company says, "lets you quickly and easily create stunning virtual tours."

Two investment groups have put $3.5 million into Quiksee, Ofer Hi-Tech and Docor International, while a number of private investment "angels" have also backed the firm.

Google acquired Israeli startup LabPixies in April for about $25 million.

Quiksee was founded in 2002 by Gadi Royz, Assaf Harel, Pavel Yosifovich and Rony Amira. While the firm's sales revenues are unknown, the amount is not considered to be very high - for now. But the firm's technology is regarded as the missing link in Google's Street View service (used by both Google Maps and Google Earth ), which allows users to view photos along numerous streets around the world.