A gay rights group is suing a local website for NIS 100,000 for publishing an article calling for the indictment of the leaders of a "deviant" center for gay youth rather than of the gunman who killed two people in a shooting at the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Association last summer.

The article was full of "defamatory and homophobic expressions," the National Association of LGBT in Israel said in the lawsuit, which it filed in the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court yesterday. "Boorish and ignorant insults of the kind that the defendants published are liable to lead to additional hate crimes against the plaintiffs and members of the pride community in Israel."

The article, which appeared under the byline Yisrael Artzi, was published by Tsofar, a Web portal geared toward a religious audience.

"Many citizens who are sick and tired of the reckless and morally uninhibited conduct expect law-enforcement authorities to put the heads of the murder club [the gay center] on trial for the crimes they committed," the article said.

The Tsofar item also quoted from a letter that an anonymous reader purportedly sent to the National Council for the Child, saying there was proof that public sex acts took place at the club.

The article was published less than two weeks after the August 1 shooting that killed a 24-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl.

The National Association of LGBT in Israel, also known as the Aguda, said it sent a letter to Tsofar shortly after the article appeared, demanding payment of damages for defamation. Tsofar did not respond, and the author said at the time that he did not regret what he had written.