Ultimately Syria will be liberated. When Syria is liberated, we won't hear about dozens (sometimes hundreds ) of people being murdered there in a single day. When Syria is liberated, its prisons won't be filled with tens of thousands of people, its soldiers won't rape women and its hospitals won't be turned into torture facilities. When Syria is liberated, the Alawite minority won't terrorize the rest of the population, and Syrian blood won't be shed with impunity.

When Syria is liberated, Lebanon will be a better country, too, rather than a hostage of Hezbollah. This won't happen in a week or a month, but it will happen. It won't happen because of the world's response. It will happen despite the lack of a response.

Ultimately Iran will be liberated. When Iran is liberated, it won't invest most of its resources in developing weapons of mass destruction. When Iran is liberated, it won't oppress and starve its people, and women won't be stoned to death. When Iran is liberated, it will hold free elections that won't be rigged to prevent freedom.

The Iranian people deserve another form of government, and they will get one. This won't happen in a week or a month, but it will happen. It won't happen because of the world's response. It will happen despite the lack of a response.

Iran's nuclear capability per se doesn't endanger Israel and world peace. The problem is Iran's regime. Many countries have a nuclear capability, including a military one, but they don't pose a risk. A vibrant, creative, knowledge-seeking people cannot be denied progress and modern technology. The clock's hands cannot be turned back. Iran cannot be bombed back into the Stone Age.

Iranian technology and science cannot be erased; the same is true about Iranians' desire for human rights and prosperity, and about the courage of the hungry people and angry students who shouted "Death to Ahmadinejad," risking their lives. The assault on the Iranian president's car two and a half weeks ago shows the deep rift between the people and the regime. The regime already lost its legitimacy in June 2009 when it rigged the elections and violently quashed a nonviolent protest calling for new elections and democracy.

World leaders have abandoned Iran's freedom-seeking people - an embarrassing silence. Instead of supporting them, cutting off all contact with a regime that lost its legitimacy and calling for fair elections, the Western world has helped enable oppression and created the impression that freedom is a limited right with no place in the Middle East.

The negotiations between Iran and the major powers - on uranium, not human rights - validate the ayatollahs' regime. The talks are another betrayal of the Iranian people. To grasp the magnitude of the Iranian delegation's achievement, it's enough to watch European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton wrapped up in a shawl and bowing to the Iranian foreign minister at the opening of the Istanbul talks. The leaks about the emerging agreement reflect the life raft the regime is being offered, while the people are being abandoned.

Israel and the Western world must support the Syrian and Iranian people in their struggle against tyrants who slaughter their own people. Anyone ignoring the other's suffering and acting to save himself will end up ruining himself. When Iran is liberated, the question of whether it has a nuclear program won't be an existential question. The solution to the Iranian nuclear problem is not destruction, but freedom.

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