Four children are in critical condition at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, suffering from burns and lost limbs in the aftermath of a deadly school bus accident Thursday which killed five children and a teacher north of Jerusalem.

More than 20 others hurt in the accident are also hospitalized but suffering less serious injuries. Among them are the bus driver, who lost both his legs after his bus collided with a truck near the West Bank settlement of Adam.

Meanwhile, the identities of the five children killed are now known. They include Marwa Amira, Lamis Hamdan, Milad Salame and a boy from the Nimer family whose name is not yet known. All were aged 4-5 and lived in the Shuafat refugee camp or the neighborhood of Anata, north of Jerusalem.

Also killed in the accident was Ala Aljulani, 31, a teacher.

Efforts have also begun toward a reconciliation between the families of the children and the family of the truck driver, who is suspected of being responsible for the accident. A hudna, or a freeze, was declared to avoid a vendetta.

On Friday the first meeting was held between family representatives. Another is due to happen three days after the funerals, which will take place on Sunday or Monday. The family of the driver will pay compensation to the families of the dead, independently from the proceedings against the driver.

The school which ran the kindergarten where the children attended, is a private institution which does not receive subsidies from the Jerusalem municipality and is not obligated by the safety and inspection rules of public schools.