The top four executives in the Bezeq group received a total of NIS 270 million in compensation over the past four years, the company's financial reports reveal.

That sum includes their salaries, bonuses and options.

The highest-paid executive between 2007 and 2010 was outgoing Chairman Shlomo Rodav, who received a total of NIS 104 million.

CEO Avi Gabay took home NIS 67 million, CEO of subsidiary Pelephone Gil Sharon took home NIS 65 million, and Bezeq Beinleumi CEO Yitzhak Benvenisti earned NIS 30.5 million.

Industry sources say Ron Ayalon, the CEO of satellite TV company Yes, of which Bezeq owns 49%, has a pay package in the same range.

These figures include an additional package of options that the board approved Thursday, currently worth about NIS 48 million. During that meeting, the board also decided to give the top executives raises of between 8% and 25%.