Children were evacuated from a kindergarten in Beit Shemesh on Monday when a fire broke out there. Two kindergarten teachers were lightly injured from smoke inhalation and were taken for medical treatment.

An initial investigation revealed that the fire broke out after one of the children who attends the kindergarten was playing with a lighter on the premises. Many firefighting teams arrived at the scene of the fire and managed to put it out quickly.

Prime Minister's Bureau Director-General Eyal Gabai met with the director-generals of a number of government ministries on Sunday evening to present them with a bill meant to strengthen Israel's emergency services in case of fires or earthquakes, which would allocate NIS 350 million for the fire services.

However, the NIS 350 million allocated to Israel's Fire and Rescue Services is the same budget that has been previously brought forth to strengthen the fire services and to obtain firefighting aircraft from neighboring countries.