The family of the founder of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem has donated $10,000 to the academy to be used for three full scholarships and a special prize to be awarded later this year.

The family of Boris Schatz, who died in 1932 while fundraising on behalf of the Bezalel Academy, will be donating money to cover the tuition of three students as well as a prize for an outstanding project that focuses on community involvement.

The Deane and Paul Shatz Prize for an Outstanding Project in the Field of Community Involvement will be presented at a ceremony during Hanukah for projects done last year.

“We chose to partner with Bezalel as we saw an opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives while being part of the Schatz legacy,” said Paul Shatz. “We also felt it was something that our children would be inspired to continue when we’re no longer around.”

Shatz, a retired stockbroker, said that the donation to Bezalel was a natural choice, and that their children and grandchildren are all involved in the arts in one way or another.

“Our collaboration with Bezalel was a natural fit for us, Shatz said, adding, “the fact that there is already a Schatz connection to the Academy made it even more perfect and we look forward to a long association with Bezalel. But most importantly, we look forward to being able to help young, aspiring artists find their voice where they would otherwise have struggled.”