Homeowners who have a hard time making their mortgage payments will not be evicted from their homes unless they have alternative accomodation, according to legal changes that must still be approved by the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. The committee held hearings on the matter yesterday.

Currently, banks can evict homeowners behind on their payments even if they have nowhere to go.

The government-backed law would require the Bailiff's Office to have proof of reasonable alternative housing before it could allow an eviction.

Officially, the current law does prevent homeowners from being thrown onto the street, but it allows the banks and other lenders to write a condition in the mortgage or contract nullifying the homeowner's rights. The new proposal would rectify that situation.

Over 700 families each year find themselves evicted for being behind in their mortgage payments.

The law is supported by various social organizations, while the banks suggest that the state provide housing aid to such people.