Media monitoring Web site Honest Reporting has claimed it managed to force popular social network Facebook to change its personal information settings to allow Golan Heights residents to register themselves as living in Israel.

The Web site wrote that it had launched a Facebook group after learning that "although the Golan falls under Israeli law, residents of the region wishing to write 'Israel' in the Hometown section of their profiles were not given the option."

Instead, Honest Reporting said, residents of "Golan towns such as Qazrin, Ramat Magshimim, Geshur, Mevo Hama, and Had Nes were only given the option of writing 'Syria' in their Hometown section."

The site stated that it was "not for Facebook to decide the national origin of Golan residents."

As a result of the group's Facebook campaigning, over 2,500 members joined the group, titled "Facebook, Golan Residents Live in Israel, not Syria," ultimately leading to what Honest Reporting considered as the successful end to their efforts with the addition of the 'Israel' option.

However, the Web site added, "just as with the West Bank, Golan residents still cannot choose to have the word Israel appear in the Hometown line."