Last Monday at approximately 11:10 A.M., photographer Daniel Bar-On and I were heading to the Qalandiyah crossing to cover a demonstration in Ramallah's Manara Square to protest the raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla and support Turkey.

Right after we passed the crossing, we saw a group of Border Police that arrived in a rush. Some youths threw stones at the army position at the crossing.

Nearby were several dozen demonstrators who raised many flags; the Lebanese one sticks in my mind. Daniel got out of the car and began taking photographs and I looked on - fairly bored, to be honest - at yet another meaningless confrontation between Palestinians and police.

The police fired a tear gas grenade, and then another and another. I remember that what surprised me was the volley of grenade-fire directly aimed directly at the demonstrators, not at the sky.

After the fourth grenade, if I am not mistaken, a shout was heard about 100 meters away.

All the photographers began running in that direction. Someone was moving a young woman away from the melee. Daniel captured the injury of that woman, who we realized only afterward was Emily Henochowicz. Her eye was bleeding badly. She was taken by a Red Crescent ambulance.

We went on to Ramallah, where it was a lot calmer. On the way to Manara we learned that the young woman had lost her eye. All because she had raised a flag.