TOULOUSE - The three French ex-paratroopers who were suspected of involvement in Monday's deadly shooting attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse were questioned and later released on Tuesday.

French investigators still believe, however, that the attack was likely carried out by right-wing extremists.

French investigators suspect there may be a link between the attack on a Jewish school on Monday and two other attacks in the area a week earlier in which French soldiers were killed.

Speaking to Jewish community leaders on Tuesday, French Interior Minister Claude Gueant said that authorities estimated that Monday's attack was perpetrated by neo-Nazi elements who may have also been responsible for the attack against the French soldiers.

Witnesses said Monday's attack, in which four people were killed, was carried out by armed attackers riding on a scooter, one with a camera around his neck.

Last week, four French soldiers of North African origin were killed in two separate attacks that followed a similar pattern. Police sources told the British newspaper the Guardian that the same weapon may have been used in the attacks.