Eight years after resigning in the wake of a disastrous showing in the general elections, former Labor Party chairman Amram Mitzna announced on Wednesday that he intends to once again run for chair of the party.

Ex-Israel Defense Forces general Mitzna, said he is certain of his ability to renew the public's faith in the party, which under Ehud Barak lost seats in the last election.

"After I left the Knesset, I dedicated the last five years to social issues and the periphery," Mitzna wrote in a statement declaring his candidacy. "Today I return and ask for the trust of the Labor party members."

"I am doing this because the reality in Israel and in Israeli society doesn’t allow you to sit and watch from the side," Mitzna said.

The former general was recently in the news for taking part in drafting a new peace plan to use as a platform to pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government to renew deadlocked talks with the Palestinians.

About 40 prominent Israelis backed the project, among them dovish former political leaders as well as former heads of the Mossad, Shin Bet and the Israeli military.

Israel's Labor party experienced a recent shakeup when Defense Minister and longtime Labor leader Ehud Barak quit the party and announced that he would be creating a new one.