Options speculator Eli Aroch was hospitalized Friday evening after an apparent suicide attempt. Friends who came to visit found him unconscious on his bed. He apparently had swallowed a large number of pills.

Paramedics took him to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital, where he was admitted to intensive care. As of last night, Aroch was still in a coma.

This comes just days after Aroch was about to sign a deal with Clal Finance that reportedly would have netted him several million dollars. In response, the state decided to issue a rush indictment against Aroch, which led Clal to put off the deal. Aroch told associates that when he heard about this, he "felt that everything was closing in on him" and told his mother, who lives with him, that he feared they would be evicted from their Tel Aviv apartment because of his financial problems.

The new indictment focuses on a 2006 arbitration ruling by Judge Yaakov Meltz, ordering Clal to pay Aroch NIS 96 million for failing to carry out trading orders Aroch had issued.