Dear Carlo,

As you know, I appreciate your dedication to peace and justice, as well as your interesting analyses. However I am afraid that your frustration and disappointment from the setbacks on the path to the two-state solution and your desire to offer another solution is leading you and many other good Israeli peacenicks to an illusion.

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One does not need a better demonstration than the escalation in the south to witness the implications of unilateral steps as a substitute to a negotiated two states settlement.

If you exclude Gaza from the new one-state entity, what can you offer the 1.5 million Palestinian who live there? To live under permanent closure? To formalize the disengagement between the West Bank and Gaza?

If you include Gaza in the new bi-national state, it will become a Palestinian state with a Jewish minority overnight. Do you trust that the new government, dominated by the Palestinians, will treat the Jewish minority with more respect than we treat the Israeli Palestinian minority? Are you willing to take the risk?

Do you have a guarantee that the official death of the political option will play into the hands of the radicals from both sides, who will turn this place to hell?

Do you believe that the Egyptian will help us to solve the dilemma and annex Gaza?

I am afraid that playing with the idea of a one-state solution is a kind of smoke screen that helps our government to divert the public attention from a 1973-like catastrophe. Like Golda Meir, Bibi prefers to perpetrate the occupation and his political survival than facing the reality, paying the unavoidable price for the two-state solution and giving us hope for better days.

We should not help him.

Best wishes,