A Cairo court yesterday sentenced an Egyptian businessman to life in prison following his conviction for spying on behalf of Israel.

Tarek Abdel Rezek Hussein, 37, was convicted of recruiting operatives for the Mossad and
of giving the espionage agency information about young Egyptians and Israeli Arabs who
might be ripe for recruiting, as well as of providing intelligence about the popular
mood in Egypt and other Arab states, including Syria. Abdel Rezek Hussein, the owner of
an import-export firm, was arrested in August. Two Israeli citizens who were tried in
absentia alongside him, accused of being his Mossad handlers, were also sentenced to
life terms. The two were not in Egyptian custody.

The Egyptian press had dubbed the affair the "Indian Trap," because the Egyptian
defendant allegedly first met his handlers at the Egyptian embassy in India. According
to Egyptian news reports, Abdel Rezek Hussein was arrested at Cairo's airport in August,
in the possession of print and electronic documents that included the resumes of
Egyptian and other Arab young people.

According to Egyptian reports, he went to China in 2006 in search of work. In early
2007, according to the prosecution, he sent an email with his contact details to a
Mossad address. One of the alleged Mossad agents who was sentenced yesterday, one Joseph Dimur, called him and they arranged to meet in India. Dimur allegedly questioned the
Egyptian about his motives for wanting to help the Mossad and provided him with $1,500
for expenses as well as a laptop computer.

Abdel Rezek Hussein allegedly set up two fake exim and telecommunications firms in
Southeast Asia and obtained dozens of resumes after advertising for employees from
Egypt, Syria and other Arab states.