Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said on Tuesday that "Israeli aggression" against Gaza would end later in the day, the Egyptian state news agency MENA reported.

"President Mohammed Morsi announced that the farce of Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip will end on Tuesday," MENA said, quoting public remarks made by the country's head of state  after the funeral of his sister.

"The efforts to conclude a truce between the Palestinian and  Israeli sides will produce positive results in the next few hours," he was quoted as saying.

Egypt has been trying to mediate a truce to end the conflict. Morsi was speaking in Zagazig, a town north of Cairo in the  Nile Delta. The MENA story did not provide a direct quote.

Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil told Reuters on Monday  a ceasefire could be close. Israel launched an air campaign on Wednesday with the declared goal of deterring Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group  that runs the Gaza Strip, from firing rockets at its southern  communities.