A Cairo court on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to have popular Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef's TV show banned and the private satellite channel broadcasting it taken off the air.

The Administrative court said the plaintiff did not have standing to file the lawsuit because he lacked a direct interest in the case.

An Islamist lawyer accused Youssef of "ridiculing President Mohammed Morsi, and violating the principles of the society" in his weekly satirical show Al-Bernameg (The Program), which airs on broadcaster CBC.

In recent months, Islamists have filed several cases against journalists and TV show hosts accusing them of inciting violence or insulting Morsi, who took office in July as Egypt's first elected Islamist president.

Youssef was questioned last week in a separate case in which he is accused of defaming Islam and Morsi, and was released on a bail of 15,000 pounds ($2,200 dollars).

The cases raised concerns about freedom of expression under Egypt's Islamist administration.