A driver who was convicted of manslaughter for a 2006 accident that resulted in the deaths of three members of the same family was sentenced on Sunday to six and a half years in prison.

Mordechai Hadad, his wife, Mira, both aged 52, and their 18-year-old son, Ariel, all of Safed, died when a car driven by Ehud Kadur, then 45, collided with theirs while trying to overtake another vehicle despite oncoming traffic.

Kadur, of Herzliya, refused a blood-alcohol test after the accident but his intoxication was established. In addition to the prison time, Kadur was ordered to pay the Hadads' surviving children - one of whom sustained moderate injuries in the accident that killed her parents and brother - NIS 80,000 in compensation. He also received a two-year suspended sentence and his driving license was suspended for 14 years from the date of the accident.

During the five-year trial, Kadur denied all of the charges against him.

Despite spending most of his time abroad, Kadur had 65 prior convictions for traffic violations, 25 of them of the type considered safety violations, such as unsafe passing and speeding.

In her verdict, Nazareth District Court Judge Nechama Munitz was scathing in her criticism of Kadur, who, she wrote "drove while drunk, with no concern for the results of his actions, resulting in the accident and its terrible consequences."

The prosecution had requested a custodial sentence of at least 10 years, permanent license revocation and, particularly in light of Kadur's comfortable economic situation, higher victim compensation.

In her sentencing decision, Munitz took into consideration Kadur's expression of regret for "the loss of life caused as a result of the accident." She described him as a "very positive person and a successful businessman who shares his wealth with the public."

Kadur's commander in the army reserves, testifying as a character witness, stated that in 2002 Kadur went straight from the airport after returning from abroad into Operation Defensive Shield, in the West Bank, and that he generously aided soldiers and helped the families of soldiers who had died.