The Knesset House Committee may have voted to revoke benefits to MKs convicted of crimes of "moral turpitude," but it turns out that only five MKs fit that category: Aryeh Deri, Rafael Pinhasi, Salah Tarif, Yehiel Hazan and Yitzhak Mordechai.

The decision will save the Kneset budget NIS 38,000 a year. The Knesset is now examining whether there are any other former MKs that meet the criteria.

The reason that many former - and convicted - MKs are not on the list is that previously the courts rarely related to the issue of "moral turpitude."

Most had already left politics by the time they were convicted by the courts, and the issue was not raised.

For example, Gonen Segev, who was convicted on drug charges will continue to receive his benefits, as will Omri Sharon and other former MKs.