• DENVER - One of the more surprising candidates to meet at a pre-convention event of the National Jewish Democratic Council was Congressional hopeful Hank Eng, the son of Chinese immigrants to the United States and a convert to Judaism.

    The New York-born Eng, who will be vying for Colorado's 6th District in the U.S House of Representatives on election day, November 4, says he's very comfortable to be part of the Jewish community, and that his daughter Kendall recently celebrated her bat mitzvah.

    "Between 1994 and 2000, I discovered the Jewish tradition at the growing community in Beijing, and I decided to do what Jews do - to make the world better," he told Haaretz.

    "This generation has a prospect of leaving our children a worse world than the one they received and, as a Jew, I feel an obligation to change it."

  • The intention of former Democratic senator and vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman to hold a speech at the Republican National Convention is an issue that is irking Jewish Democrats.

    "When I see what Joe Lieberman is doing, I feel like a kick in my stomach, says Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida:

    "People like him [Lieberman], and people are so disappointed," she says. In ant event, "Eighty-five percent of the Jews traditionally vote for one party, and I think that at the end of the day, when they?ll come to vote, they?ll vote for Obama and Biden.

    "It's impossible to win every former candidate's supporter, but every supporter of Hillary Clinton I spoke to will vote for Obama. Too much is at stake at those elections. I?ve talked to Hillary privately and publicly and she herself is going to vote for Obama. People just took those primaries too hard."

  • Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, speaking at the National Jewish Democratic Council, declared that Jews, in the end, wil help put Obama over the top.

    "There's no difference on Israel between the candidates," Levin said. However, there will be differences on economy, health care programs."

    "Mccain supported Bush's policy in 95 percent of the time - so 95 percent of the time he was wrong. We must win the war against terrorists and Iran, who supports terrorists, and we need allies in this war, and Obama is the best to do it. The Jewish Community is going to help to elect the first African-American President."